About Us

Allwin Fund Management Pte. Ltd. (“Allwin”) is a Licensed Fund Management Company (LMFC) regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Leveraging on Singapore’s strong position as a global financial hub and its reputation for strict regulatory controls, Allwin is dedicated to offering invaluable asset management services to its clients in Asia and globally.

Co-founded in Singapore in 2022 by 5 investment professionals, Allwin’s founders possess extensive experience in diverse fields, each contributing unique expertise that are complementary to one another. As a result, Allwin is well positioned to offer our clients investment management services encompassing multiple strategies and diverse asset classes which cover major global markets. Allwin will progressively introduce a series of funds, including long equities, quantitative hedging, fixed income, CTA, PE/VC, to cater to our investors’ different risk preferences and return expectations.

Allwin adheres to a long-term approach and prioritizes the creation of value. The company is committed to fulfilling its fiduciary responsibility to investors and strives to generate stable and long-term returns in an evolving and complex market environment.


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