Allwin Sirius Fund is an actively managed long equity strategy fund, with a global investment scope spanning a broad range of listed stocks, ETFs and related derivatives in China’s A-shares/ Hong Kong Stocks, the United States, Japan, India and other countries/markets. The fund places a strong emphasis on fundamental analysis, aiming to identify high quality undervalued companies through thorough bottom-up industry and company research approach, as well as holding investments for the medium to long term or strategically buying in stages repeatedly.

Allwin Sirius Fund targets absolute returns, with a target annualized rate of return ranging from 15%-20%. The fund is committed to providing investors with sustained long-term investment returns and operates on the understanding that investors share similar long-term goals and risk preferences.


Allwin Arcturus Fund focuses on listed companies in China (including Hong Kong), and is an actively managed long equity strategy fund.

The Fund will prioritise opportunities arising from structural changes in China, including Hong Kong. These opportunities emerge as listed companies adjust to major policy shifts, changing global geopolitical dynamics and capital market reforms. By identifying companies that are well-positioned to capitalize on these changes, the Fund aims to generate sustainable returns for investors over the mid to long term.


Allwin Space VCC is an umbrella VCC established by Allwin using a VCC structure. Currently, all funds managed by Allwin are sub-funds of Allwin Space VCC.

A VCC is an independent corporate entity that can accommodate multiple sub-funds. The assets and liabilities between each sub-fund, as well as between the sub-funds and the VCC are segregated and independent.


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